We help get your data back under your control.

There are many ways your organization can lose control of its precious data. You may have been locked-in by vendor or service provider, you may have outgrown a system or you need to downsize a legacy behemoth, you may have lost a key employee, you may have been hacked or your perhaps obsolescence simply caught up with you.

Whatever the reason is, we help small and medium business like yours to get control back. Our team consists of specialists with proven enterprise expertise. Our team can handle both mainstream systems and obscure legacy contraptions. We succeed where others struggle.

We also provide planning and consulting services to minimize the risk of lock-in.


  • Planning and Consulting

    Infrastructure Lifecycle Planning
    Exit Strategies for Vendor lock-in
    Exit Strategies for Service lock-in
    Disaster Recovery planning
    Downsizing and Efficiency
    License and Service Alternatives
    Handover Oversight
    Project Completion Pre-sign off Check

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  • Migrations and Transitions

    DNS, Email and Web Sites
    SANs, Complex Networks, VPNs
    Nondisruptive ISP and DC Moves
    Data Exports
    P2V (Physical to Virtual)
    V2V (Virtual to Virtual)
    VMWare, Xen, HyperV, Azure, Amazon
    Linux, Windows, Mac, BSD, DOS
    Virtual Archival of Legacy Systems

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  • Repair and Recovery

    Lock-out resets
    Ransomware Recovery
    Data Corruption Repair
    Disaster Operations
    Security Breach Containment

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